Accordion Links Jumping All Over Page in Chrome

I just noticed this on a site I’m developing using Foundation. The accordion (on default, NOT multi-expand) is jumping around the page as you click on different anchor links. It never used to do this. It’s even happening in the docs:

I’m noticing it in Google Chrome. Tested in Firefox and Safari and those seem to be working correctly. I tried it on the latest version of Chrome (Version 84.0.4147.135) and the version before that.

Previously, you would click on one accordion anchor link and it would replace the open one nicely. Now it’s jumping around the page. What happened here? What changed? How do we fix it?

So it is the same in previous Chrome versions too?

It seems it also happens with Foundation Sites 6.4.3 and jQuery 1.12.4:

Sigh, I fear this is a Chromium bug. Can you open a bug report there?

Hopefully they do not blame us maintainers again like they did in the past because of breaking changes on their side:

Broken in Chrome 84 and 85, works in Chrome 81(.0.4044.129)

So is there anything we can do? Or do I just hope the next version of Chrome will fix it? I’m at a loss here.

That would be really helpful.

Okay, I just submitted a bug on that page you posted.

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Thank you.

Referencing it here so I can check the progress there in the next days.