After closing modal, tabbing starts over in browser address bar

I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong here. On this page I have several Reveal modals. I can tab through page content, open a modal, tab through to its close button, and at that point the expected behavior would be that focus is returned to the button used to open the modal that was just closed. Instead, I end up in the browser address bar.

Using ESC to close the modal does produce the expected behavior. Can anyone help?

Went to your link - it seems to work as expected. Got the same result using the X as using ESC. If you are still having trouble, close out your browser and reload to get rid of any cache. Hope this works.

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Yeah, maybe there was a cache. I just went and tested with a screen reader and it worked as expected… and continued to work after turning the screen reader off. Thanks for checking with me. Magic fix!