Auto pop-up script / cookie notification

Hi, do we have a script within Foundation that let’s us add those auto pop-ups to comply with EU’s GDPR Law?

Would appreciate any help. I tried using javascripts from other websites but I prefer using scripts designed for a Foundation site.

Thank you very much.

No, this is not part of any frontend framework, even Bootstrap as this is not in the scope of it.

You can use any solution and style it as needed or use our Reveal component for this or use some custom code:

Thank you, Daniel! I appreciate your quick reply. I want to try Reveal but don’t know how to auto-load the Modal. Any tips? Thank you.

See the JS methods at the bottom to trigger a modal.

hey there worldrom, any updates since your last post? i’m wondering the exact same thing and wondering what you’ve done so far? thanks
i’m still learning, i am a beginner so thanks for all the help, both of you Daniel and worldrom.
would appreciate anything new. thanks

Still not successful. Will let you know. If in case you find a solution, let me know too :slight_smile: