Best Practice? Edit _settings.scss or not?

So, I am moving on to making a second client site using Foundation 6. I have successfully integrated F6 with Grav (I did this for the first client site), and now I want to take what I learned doing that site and do this new client’s site.

As I was learning F6 with the first project (OK I am still learning), I brute-force edited _settings.scss, mainly to tweak color values. This is subsequently imported into my app.scss, which also imports any other custom scss I built and outputs everything to a single minimized css.

I wasn’t sure if this was the right-and-proper method (editing _settings), or if I should just override these in another scss, and if I did, should I import my overrides before or after _settings? For example, how do I make sure that the colors array (primary, etc) gets the colors I want in a fashion more elegant than commenting out the values in _settings?

Thank you for your help.

This is the right approach. See

After settings but before foundation.