Codeigniter with foundation

Hello i want to use the foundation with codeigniter can some help me to install the foundation using npm in my codeigniter project.

Which codeigniter version do you use? Do they have guides for frontend implementations?

Generally npm i foundation-sites --save is sufficient to add it as dependency. After this you have to import it.

See for an example (independent of any framework).

Hello I am using codeigniter 3.x
Can you send me steps to install in it.

I have already did the given command but need to add the app.scss and setting.scss manually or how it works with ci. Please help me.

I would check out the PHP package PHPFUI/PHPFUI. Super easy to set up and a complete OO approach to views. No html! Designed around Foundation. Full docs online at

You can still customize anything you want, but the basic setup gets you up and running fast. The site itself was written it itself, and fully documents itself.