Contact person for Education/Certification matters

Hi Foundation Community,
can you please point me towards a contact for education/certification matters?

We are in the follow up process of a 3-year EU Erasmus+ project in which participating partners and would like to talk about offering open data skill definitions for the Foundation Framework to the public.
(e.g.: Let educators highlight what they teach in educational facilities and how this refers to official certification, benefitting the learners in the process. see

thank you and best regards

From the looks of it, you are looking for education and skill development course. if so, let me suggest you a couple of good online courses and certifications. you may try out udemy and Lynda, or you may consult eduhelphub. each of these places are good for education, skill development and certifications.

Thank you, but I’m not looking for learning material, I’m looking for a contact person who coordinates certification/coaching matters for Zurb Foundation.