Deep Link Struggles

Howdy. Longtime amateur reader here.

We’ve been using an older version of Foundation 6 for a number of years with great success. I’m not a professional coder but I can usually add new functions to our web site by exploring the kitchen sink and plugging in new code to our web site templates (running on Netsuite’s legacy Sitebuilder platform).

I tried to add deep links to some tabs yesterday and got stuck. The deep link function doesn’t seem to work. I’d appreciate some guidance on what I’m missing. Maybe it’s something simple. Maybe our Foundation 6 version is out of date.

Here’s a test page so you can see my (not so) handywork in action.

Which exact verso’ion of Foundation Sites 6 is used?

A codepen might be better for testing. Can you create one?

Great questions! I’ll get back to you as soon as I do some Googling. :slight_smile:

According to window.Foundation.version you use Foundation Sites 6.2.0 This is quite old.

There is no deeplinking feature in 6.2.0. See vs

It was first introduced in 6.3.0. See

Between 6.2.0 and 6.6.1 are many breaking changes.

Thanks Daniel. Breaking changes sound bad but I’ll do some testing and see what happens. Is it just foundation.tabs.js that needs updating or is there css involved too?

PS: It seems like codepen can’t really be used to test deep-linking because the code is executed inside a window (iframe maybe?).

There is also a test mode which opens it in a new window.

There are dependencies between the different plugins. You can not mix them as you want as far as I know. At least I would expect errors in this case. Better upgrade the whole framework with all plugins.

Thank you for all the advice. I appreciate your time. I’ll look for a developer that can do the upgrade for us since I will very likely break something if I try it.