Different behavior from CDN

Hi everyone, firstly let me express my great appreciation to everyone for keeping Foundation going.
I am a very basic user, pretty much using everything plain out of the standard install, just a few little customizations here and there.
I was going to upgrade from 6.6.1 to 6.6.3 locally, but instead decided to try the CDN derived version. Two things appeared to break.
If you look at any page on www.rwcc.com you can see there’s a top menu and a sticky footer.
However on https://www.rwcc.com/test.html where I have used the CDN links, you can see the mobile menu is stuck “on” at the top and the dropdowns don’t work and also the footer is no longer sticky.
It’s no big deal I can stick with the local 6.6.1 version, but I was curious if this is a change in behavior, an issue in the CDN version, or whether I had implemented the CDN stuff wrong?
Appreciate any input…

It seems you forgot to add the following after loading jQuery and Foundation (and I see no jQuery loaded):


So you have to first load jQuery, then Foundation and then use this snippet to initialize all components. Also it’s better to host the files yourself.

You probably used some app.js from one of our templates or complete setups which included all dependencies, also jQuery. But such a single big file is discouraged / should not be used.

Here is a codepen which shows that it works:

Yeah, sorry I can’t see what I think I’m meant to be seeing in that CodePen (never used before), but I added the missing piece under the CDN call at the bottom but it didn’t seem to fix anything

You are still missing jQuery which is required for Foundation to work.

Regarding https://codepen.io/DanielRuf/pen/bGVrvww, you can use the export button in the bottom right and see the included files on each tab by clicking on the cog icon.

Oh, I see. I thought I’d get all that from the CDN. OK thanks I understand now.
Yes, I normally just download the “complete” build and have it local.
Guess I’ll just stick to local then.
Many thanks for the very swift assist…
(Got it with the export from codepen)

No, we just ship our own framework for good reasons.
Because you can mix it with jQuery 1 - 3 and you often have a version in your project.

The complete builds are just simple boilerplate templates with a full blown setup (which is not so good - for example the big app.js as I’ve mentioned).

The latest jQuery release is also available for download at https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.5.0.min.js and is also linked at https://jquery.com.

Yeah, totally got it now with the download. Working perfectly. Again, many thanks - awesome service!