Download Link broken for css version and template

Hi, thanks for making Foundation. And for putting so much effort into making 6.6.2!

I have been using Foundation or many projects – and I couldn’t do without it.
But as I am not a developer (more a designer) I am not really experienced with sass, npm and all the magic you guys do!
So I always downloaded the latest template that included everything I needed: css and js. Everything else is – and I think for many people like me – just a bit to confusing and complicated.
But now on the page
there is a download link for a template that includes js and css – but this link does not work. When I click it it says:

This XML file     does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
<Message>Access Denied</Message>

Could somebody look into it – thanks!
I have already downloaded the source file on GitHub. As far as I see it there are some versions of js and css that I could use – but really which ones? And which template to start from? And which scripts do I need to include where?
I know this sounds like a beginner’s question – but supporting this easy access to Foundation could help it spread much wider and easier.
Thanks for your work and your help


Hi @reinhardmohr,

we are already aware of this. The 6.6.1 download still works.

You can then use the new dist files from unpkg:

Hi, Daniel,
thanks for looking into this.
The link is still broken, but I could download the files from unpkg.

Thanks for your ungoing work for Foundation – that’s really great!

The 6.6.1 version link is at