Error when using Abide - form will not submit when using abide

I am using Foundation 6. The validation seems to be working, but when I click submit, the form does not provide any message about the validation being an issue. But, when I open the developer tools I get the message below.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘Plugin’ of undefined
at Module…/js/foundation.abide.js (foundation.abide.js:12)
at webpack_require (bootstrap:19)
at Module…/js/entries/plugins/foundation.abide.js (foundation.abide.js:1)
at webpack_require (bootstrap:19)
at Object.0 (foundation.abide.js:756)
at webpack_require (bootstrap:19)
at bootstrap:83
at bootstrap:83
at webpackUniversalModuleDefinition (universalModuleDefinition:9)
at universalModuleDefinition:10

I have tried my best to check everything, but I am not sure what could be wrong.
If someone could give me a clue I would be so grateful