Form Date Field: Need More Information For Date Picker

Working with the <input type="date" value="" required pattern="date" /> field and can’t find any information pertaining to how the datepicker popup is generated/rendered/built.

Does anyone know what the source code of the date picker is and also how we’re supposed to retrieve the field value when a date is selected? I’m not seeing the data populate the DOM.

Any advice or suggestions would be very much appreciated.


We don’t have a datepicker component.
To what are you referring?

Also please provide the code / a reproducible testcase.

UPDATE: It looks like it’s native to the browser. Chrome, Firefox and Edge each have one. Safari does not.

Here’s the CodePen:

On line 11, change the input type from text to date.

Click on the calendar icon inside the input and watch what happens.

Right, we have no control over the native datepicker component. You might want to use some JS datepicker solution to control the design and behavior.