Form to email via Javascript

Hi. Apologies for being new to Foundation and JavaScript.
Am trying to put together a simple form to collect full name and email using these files which are shortened version of a Foundation Kit.

Validation works great, but submit button just reverts to empty form.
I would like their full name and email comes to my email address.
What do I have to do to make that happen please?
Presumably my email address must go somewhere in these documents or another js script is required?
Any help to get me somewhere on this would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Best wishes

Normally you provide an action for the form which is often a PHP script which processes the form submission and sends an email via PHP.

You can not send emails on the client side natively. And a mailto: action would just open the email client of the user which is not very user friendly.

Hi DanielRuf.

Many thanks for your speedy and precise reply. I knew there was a gap in my knowledge. (:slight_smile:

Best wishes