Foundation 7 Hangout - Looking forward to F7

I have been doing work behind the scenes planning and strategizing for where Foundation 7 should go. I thought that it would be fun to have an open Zoom conversation. It would be great to meet some Foundation users face to face and hear how you are using Foundation and what you hope to see in the next version.

Hangout Information

When: Thursday, June 10, 2021 @ 11:30am - 1:00pm PDT check your timezone
Passcode: 594610

I hope that many of you can make it. I would love to make this a regular hangout. Probably monthly or maybe even bi-monthly.

Foundation 7 concepts

I know that many of your are probably dying to know what things are looking like so far for Foundation 7. I need to say that this project is a long time off. It will be a complete modernization and refactoring of the entire framework. Here is a very brief list of concepts for Foundation 7. None of these are set in stone (except for maybe the first one).

  • Native First is going to be a big thing for F7. I want F7 to leverage as many native browser components as possible for things like modals, accordions, etc. This means that we will will be able to keep the framework small and more performant. Similar to how mobile first became a trend, I want Foundation 7 to start this new trend.
  • Dart Sass is the cool kid on the block now for Sass. We should be supporting that.
  • Goodbye jQuery. Hello vanilla JS. (ECMAScript 2018+?)
  • CSS Custom Properties (CSS variables). I have actually done quite a bit of work on this already.
  • Simply the build process and dependencies (Parcel?)
  • Foundation has 3 grid systems. F7 will keep that XY grid and need to come up with something new for CSS Grid. I have been playing around with this quite a bit. There isn’t much great things out there so F7 needs to be a trailblazer on this one. I would love some feedback from CSS Grid lovers out there.
  • Utility classes are the rage now. Many of the most popular new frameworks are all class based. While I feel that utility classes have their place, I also feel that these new frameworks have gone too far. F7 will not be following their footsteps.
  • Web Components are a much better mechanism moving forward. I feel that all F7 components need to be web components.
    • I know there is a lot of love in the community for Stencil. However, I feel that Lit is a better bet for Foundation 7 to leverage.
  • I am a huge fan of GSAP. While I do not want to make it a dependency. I would love to see if it could be made easy make it plug and play for those that want it.
  • F7 needs a new website and a new documentation system. I am torn between a few options here and completely open to feedback.

I am super excited to chat with you about all of the above and more on the hangout this Thursday!


I just got Foundation Summary email and saw this. Sorry I missed the Zoom meeting. This is super exciting.

Thank you for NOT making F7 utility class heavy. I’m seeing crazy long strings of classes for a primary button “company-name-design-system-name-button company-name-design-system-name-button-primary design-system-name-button-raised design-system-name-margin-15 …” and I love that mine is just “button.” I make SASS decisions, add my own SASS files and compile the design decisions.

Keep rockin’.

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Hi, yep, same here, I only just saw the summary email with a notification about this. I’m definitely keen to keep aware of what may be in store for future Foundation versions.

Utilities classes are cool! :slight_smile: