Foundation for Sites 6.6.2

I am happy to announce that we have released Foundation for Sites v6.6.2.

Foundation 6.6.2 has some really great fixes and enhancements. Check out the highlights below.

Full Release Compare

Bug Fixes

  • :bug: #11871 - Fixed Flexbox Button Groups
  • :bug: #11959 - Adds the offset to Accordion when deep linking
  • :bug: #11908 - Fixes for Interchange initialization
  • :bug: #11859 - Clearing the animation queue on Accordion
  • :bug: #11990 - Fixed event name for Dropdown Menus

Featured Enhancements

  • :rocket: #11698 - Validator specific error messages
  • :rocket: #11956 - Improves dropdown menu accessibility


Thanks to the amazing people who contributed code or documentation to the 6.6.2 release. Foundation wouldn’t happen without you!


Thank you guys for you great job!

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