Foundation has fallen dawn

Hi everyone! this is my first post.
I use a lot the inliner tool, I have all my emails templates done with Foundation framework.

I need to know wheter they are going to continue giving service or I should move all my work to other FW.

I didnt found in web other tool that combine in one file html and css code.

Please, this is urgent for me I have a lot of email marketing pieces to deliver and it would be very traumatic to recode all that stuff!

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hi, you can find the working inliner at

Just noticed yesterday that no longer redirects to Unfortunate.

I guess this should be a comment in a different topic / thread =)

I am currently in holidays this week and I am quite overwhelmed by the feedback on every platform and pointing people to the new website.

Someone at ZURB forgot to let us know about this so I and others were surprised by that too.

And I think there was never a normal 301 redirect. I have already forwarded this to the relevant people at ZURB as this was not great.

Closing as there should be a redirect now and the inliner works.