Fresh installation fails to build email templates

Hi! The problem is simple, I just:

  1. installed node 10 with nvm
  2. installed globally foundation-cli
  3. ran foundation new --framework emails
  4. went through installation process
  5. ran foundation watch: at this point sample templates looks correctly in live-watching browser version
  6. ran foundation build: at this point I see: a) again, live watch in browser b) broken styles

One more thiing: I found a buggy instruction in package.json: “build” script just runs gulp --production, so I replaced it with gulp build --production.

After this, foundation build successfully finished and no any watching servers are running, as it should be.
But styles are still broken: for example, <callout class="primary"></callout> results in <th class="callout-inner primary" style="-moz-hyphens:auto;-webkit-hyphens:auto;Margin:0;background:#def0fc;border:1px solid #0f5f94;border-collapse:collapse!important;color:#0a0a0a;font-family:Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;font-size:16px;font-weight:400;hyphens:auto;line-height:1.3;margin:0;padding:10px;padding-bottom:0;padding-left:0;padding-right:0;padding-top:0;text-align:left;vertical-align:top;width:100%;word-wrap:break-word">

As you can see here, there is a very strange style: margin:0;padding:10px;padding-bottom:0;padding-left:0;padding-right:0;padding-top:0;
This leads to zero-paddings in callout block.

Please, help to find out the reason of this strange behavior.

By the way, I’m using macos Big Sur