Gulp Sass throws errors about breakpoints in 6.6.1

I have just updated my node version to 8.12.0, and foundation sites from 6.4.4-rc1 to 6.6.1.

Now I get errors about breakpoints

WARNING: breakpoint(): “sl-remove(small medium large xlarge, small)” is not defined in your $breakpoints or $breakpoints-hidpi setting.


WARNING: null was passed to rem-calc(), which is not a number.
on line 78 of node_modules/foundation-sites/scss/util/_unit.scss, in function -zf-to-rem

Then gulp sass errors.

Does anybody have any ideas?


Hi, this is just a warning (not an error) and can be safely ignored =) We are aware of this.

Hi @DanielRuf,
Thanks - i still get this though (sass is the name of my gulp task):

Error in plugin “sass”
Error: Invalid null operation: “null div 2”.
on line 83 of node_modules/foundation-sites/scss/grid/_row.scss, in mixin @content

Is this likely a problem with my gulp versions then?


Did you delete any of the breakpoints? Please check your settings.scss file if there are too many or some missing.

It should be this: