Heading Tags for Mobile Too Small

Why are the heading tags set to get so small on mobile? Mine are actually getting smaller than the paragraph font. Can I safely clone the sizes for print and use the same for mobile. Or is there a ratio
to the sizing hierarchy that would allow me to adjust accordingly, and get the heading to appear a bit larger on mobile and maintain consistent spacing.

Giving this a try: https://type-scale.com


I guess you mean this:

See https://get.foundation/sites/docs/typography-base.html#header-styles

Thank yo for the quick response and feedback. Yes. Exactly. I am working with a CSS file though. I could try and modify the font-size for each header tag for mobile using a ratio system found at type-scale.com ? At the moment… headers look smaller than type or lead type on mobile. Font selection is also having an impact… since often a serif will look smaller in comparison to a sans serif of the same size.

You can add any additional CSS or SCSS and customize the behavior.