Horizontal menu and customization

I’m using Foundation 6.5.1 in conjunction with CMSMS.

I have a horizontal menu with nested sub-menus. Everything is working fine except

  1. I am unable to find the correct combination of css selectors to change the arrow color on an active menu parent. see image. There should be an arrow next to Our Services

  2. Once you hover over the submenu, the parent menu remains blue. I have not found how to change this. see image.

Oh, I’m using long-hand css. Sorry if that is inconvenient.

I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you.

Can you provide a codepen which reproduces this? Did you check the inspect tool of your developer tools in the browser?

Sorry I don’t have a codepen account. I could IM the site URL, if that is ok?

I did use the developer Inspect tool, but when I move the mouse to the sub menu, the parent still says is-active. So I added li.is-active to my css rule to have the changes I wanted but it still stays blue.

the correct css rule is: .dropdown.menu > li.is-active > a