How do I get started? Lots of errors and issues

I used foundation for emails several years ago and I was recently tasked with setting up a bunch of templates and I had the choice of MJML or foundation for emails.

I wanted to use Foundation For Emails, but when I followed the ‘get started with SASS version’ guide on the site

get . foundation/emails/docs/sass-guide.html

  • I face several errors.

I’ve researched these issues and I’m not able to solve them.
I believe I’ve successfully ran: “npm install --global foundation-cli”

After that, I proceeded to run “foundation new --framework emails” and I was faced with this error:

After that, I did some googling and found this page [sorry, limitation on links, formatted following url as broken and in a quote]

stackoverflow . com/questions/55921442/how-to-fix-referenceerror-primordials-is-not-defined-in-node

It seems there’s some sort of issue with gulp and whatnot. Many answers indicate the need to edit a package.json file, but since I’ve not made a new project using the foundation command, I don’t have a project-specific json file.

So I either had to edit the package.json file found in the global foundation directory for node , or possibly run some commands, or create a new ‘shrinkwrap’ json file.

It looks like it’s some sort of version error between gulp and node with the fs module? I’m not sure. I’m not an expert in node. I just want to make emails.

I read on the above page that this issue can be addressed by installing n to change node’s version, roll back to a point on gulp where this works, and then try going about it that way. I tried this but it doesn’t seem to like my platform:

There’s like 6 different directions I can go in to try to solve this and each one I tried ends up in various errors, and referencing them all would effectively triple the length of this post, so I figured I’d just open with:
“How do I get started with this”?

I don’t think it should be this difficult to get started. It wasn’t before.

I just want to make emails and I don’t want to learn the syntax of MJML. I’d rather get back to what I know and love with Foundation for Emails.

Apologies if I’m being stupid here, but please help. What do I do? What am I doing wrong? Are the docs updated? Is there a video walkthrough?

I’ve looked for resources but cannot find any that gets me through this.

The primordials bug should be resolved by switching to Node 10 using nvm, nodenv or n.

This creates a folder right where you run the command.

Try nodenv or nvm for Windows, n is just for macOS and Linux (see the !win32 part which means anything but not a Windows platform).