How to update Magellan's offset dynamically?

I want to dynamically change Magellan’s offset using JS. On my website, I update the element’s(binded to Magellan) offset depending upon the breakpoint.
I want these changes to data-offset to reflect to Magellan’s object. How should I go about this?

Did you already try to call Foundation.reInit for the component or $().foundation('_reflow') or any of the methods to detroy and init components?

I tried Foundation.reInit which didn’t do the trick. For now I’m creating the Magellan objects programmatically which is working fine.

// Initializing
var magellan = new Foundation.Magellan($('.elem', {}); 

// Modification
magellan.options.offset = 10;

Ok, then this is probably the best solution at the moment.