Is It Possible To Make a Coupon Site With Foundation?

I have been researching online for a better platform that I can use to make a coupon aggregating site for me where vendors can submit their offers & deals and the readers can redeem those offers & offers.

So my question is that, can I create a coupon site with the help of the Foundation platform?
Or is there any Developer who can help me with?
I want to create a site like:

Foundation is a front-end framework. You can use it to create any type of website. But, by your question, I’m wondering if you need a developer to help you build a C# .net, Angular, React, or Vue web application, hosting it on Azure, AWS, or other cloud infrastructure. Foundation can be used to compliment any of these technologies. I hope this helps some.

Thanks for your support. I’m still looking for a developer who can help me with the project. I’ll share soon the project once it’s done so others can learn as well how I built the site and what tools I’ll be using.