Is it possible to run xy-grid with legacy float grid at the same time on f6?

We’re using xy grid for the layout of our pages - header, nav, footer, etc.

We have a div.class=content that holds all of the different content per page. Is it possible to use the float grid in conjuction with the xy grid just for this class? If not, we would need to edit hundreds of pages because the developers have used inline legacy float.

I also tried rolling my own xy grid but I can’t seem to get the small-x, medium-x showing for the cell. How do you generate the breakpoints for a custom xy grid?

.row {
    @include xy-grid;

.column, .columns {
  // @include xy-cell();

    @include breakpoint(small, medium, large, xlarge up) {
        @include xy-cell(12);

// how do i get medium-x,small-x?

I enabled xy grid and legacy under my settings scss file. Are there any implications though? Everything looks okay on my end.

Any ideas on generating my own custom xy grid with the small-x, medium-x breakpoints? Need small-1,medium-6 classes generated.