Is there such a file: ''?

I’m using Foundation 6.6.3 which is built into the Coffeecup Site Designer sitebuilder. When I check my sites in Chrome, in the console, I get a 404 error saying that the file ' is not found. And I don’t find it in the folders pertaining to the sites either.
I have the foundation.min.js, and I have other files ending in .map, but not with the .js bit as a part of the name, e.g. and
So I’m actually wondering if either Chrome console has made a mistake, or if Coffeecup Software has. I haven’t found this anywhere else on the web either.
Anyone, please?

The sourcemap files are only for the devtools and normal visitors do not load them and do not get the 404s.

If you need these files instead of the unminified one for development you can find them at, also

Thank you, that explains it!