Join us on Github Discussions!

The interaction between Foundation for Sites users has been split for some time. Since this forum was created, 1000s have joined us. Thank you for that. But there is a large user base that remains active and commenting on GitHub. This makes complete sense for an open source project.

I have decided that it would be best to merge both worlds onto Github Discussions. I hope that you can join us there.

Please post your thoughts about potentially closing this forum down here. I would love to hear your feedback.

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Would this include discussion about foundation email as there does not seem to be a category for it?

Hi, would the discourse group not perhaps be of use to people looking for general help using Foundation for sites, whereas Github would be more appropriate for more technical discussion / bug fixes etc? Or do you think there is a significant number of people who use Github for general support?

If the latter then that seems like it would add a lot of noise to something that is more intended for technical / bug / feature request / F7 issues.

An example of keeping regular support and core development separated would be WordPress, for technical / bug / issues etc there is the WordPress Slack and also Github issues for many aspects (e.g. Gutenberg editor), but those channels are not for people looking for help with how to build WordPress websites but instead they would use the Forums or the WordPress Stackexchange site.

I have opened up GitHub discussions for Foundation for Email now.

GitHub is separated into both Issues and Discussions. The Discussions board is more like this discourse forum. It’s for general purpose Q&A, not for issue and bug tracking.

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