Just CSS and JS

I work mainly with small sites but have always enjoyed using Foundation - thank you for taking the project further. Is there still a way to either download the necessary CSS and JS or customise and download the necessary files (as there used to be). For what I do, LESS and compiling css etc is just overblown and actually slows me down. Sorry if I’m behind the times!

Yes, you can get the files from

And the customizer is working at https://download.get.foundation/sites/download/

Thank you - I couldn’t find that download link at all

I will check that we revert and adjust https://github.com/foundation/foundation-sites/commit/9f702edc2dea02b63f56af527d55585b8e61ae22

See https://github.com/foundation/foundation-sites/pull/12042

Many thanks for maintaining this project. I’m a great fan of Foundation and if I can help in any way, now I’ve found this forum, I will.