Keep accordion tab open and the accordion item link state active after page reload

I built this site a few months ago:
It is a pure Foundation site. :slight_smile:
I would like to build better left side nested accordion menu, like site left side accordion, where the accordion item link keep the active state after page reload (when the new content load to right side).
Actually I can’t find the simple solution for this.
Thank you for help!


This component is called Magellan.

Did you already try this?

Dear Daniel!

Long time ago I used a Magellan to build a landing page, but after I forget it… :slight_smile:
Thank you very mutch for a quick help!


I tried, but it is not the perfect solution for me. If you see the LEFT accordion, I want same like this. After page reload, the left side accordion link keep the active state (the link is blue, not gray). I can’t find any similar soultion in Foundation Kitchen Sink.
Can you help?

We do multiple things. We track the state if it should be expanded using the localstorage:, we

And we manually set the is-active and is-current classes depending on the current page, see

And there is also

Yep, it works for me…
The panini handlebar in li tag is very fine!
Thanks a lot!