Line breaks and blank lines in frontmatter text strings

Are there any tricks to getting line breaks and blank lines in between frontmatter text strings ( ie text that you’d like to appear as three separate paragraphs ) ? I can get it all to show as one big connected chunk but can’t get the new lines and blank lines to work to create separate paragraphs.

Thanks very much for any suggestions.


Is this a Panini setup and how does your setup look like (versions)?

Daniel; thanks for the quick reply… I think I have the newest everything as I just downloaded and installed node.js , foundation 6, etc.

Is there a certain file I can check to get you the exact versions?

Thanks again for the help.

The version is hidden as string in the file (6.6.1) and as Foundation.version.

Can you share a reproducible testcase with us as repository on GitHub? In general we use front-matterfrom GitHub. I don’t think that this works there. Why not create a multiline string with <br>and <p>...</p>?