Loading Zurb on Magento 2.4 theme

Hi there, i’m trying to load foundation js on Magento2 theme. the problem is that js depends from jquery so i need to link foundation using requirejs config. So using require js there is a problem loading function of foundationjs because they all use webpack encore.

Ho can i install foundationjs in a clever way on a magento2 theme?

Loading / requiring foundation.js should not be a problem. No, webpack encore is not used. I guess you mean the internal variable names and comments by webpack (the webpack loader) which does not require any webpack setup.

In foundation-sites/foundation.min.js at 6cdc5964a955fa04e3e1b5fbadbdb2fe3c9963a8 · foundation/foundation-sites · GitHub I see no mention of webpack at all. Same for UNPKG - foundation-sites (which should be the released files).

Please clarify which js file you use and what exact error you get. And how do you load foundation.min.js using your requirejs config?