MegaMenu byRafi doesn't work properly after update

Hi everyone, I’ve been using this component

but after I updated my webapp with latest release 6.6.1 seems that I can’t toggle open/close it anymore.
Users clicking the link below can’t toggle open/close the menu

<a data-toggle="mega-menu" href="#">Menu</a>

My guess is that something is wrong with this attribute data-options=CloseOnClick:true;
that calls the javascript function “CloseOnClick”

Now I’m wondering if it’s just me that is facing this problem or it’s a common issue introduced with the updating


please check if fixes this for you.

Thank you Daniel but unfortunately it didn’t fix the problem. I applied the fix and yet the MegaMenu doesn’t properly works anymore.
I guess I have to change my navigation layout and get a new component, not big deal even though I loved that