Multiple Accordion Row Toggle

Hi… Sorry for the repost of this, didn’t see a way to reopen my previous topic.

The issue I have with the solution provided by @DanielRuf that his was done for a newer version of Foundation (6.6.1). I am needing the same solution for version 6.4.2.

Any assistance is appreciated.

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Sorry but 6.4.2 is quite old and we do not provide backported patches by default as the needed effort would not be that small (including testing).

In general you might want to check the events triggered by the component. The markup should still work.

Thanks @DanielRuf – was this even possible in Foundation 6.4.2? Given that it’s probably now, I’m considering just writing a basic jquery toggle function. I also wasn’t able to find docs to the specific version I’m running on my site, can you provide that?

I remember that there were bugs in 6.4.2 which are fixed in 6.6.0 and newer and some of them also prevented this use case.

We do not have versioned docs so far but this is on our roadmap.

See the error console of 6.6.1 vs 6.4.2:

ReferenceError: We’re sorry, ‘_collapse2’ is not an available method for Tabs.

So we directly expose the plugins now.

ReferenceError: We’re sorry, ‘_collapse’ is not an available method for ResponsiveAccordionTabs.

@DanielRuf – so I’m a bit confused… Is there an earlier component that does the same thing?

No, not really. There is at least the toggle method in both versions but there were several bugs in 6.4.2 which were fixed in 6.4.3 and later. As in 6.6.1 you have to catch the needed events and do the needed logic or call the needed methods like I have shown.

Hi… forgive my newbieness – I’m not seeing any code differences other than the reference to the “_collapse2” in your JS. All is see in the errors are “We’re sorry, ‘_collapse2’ is not an available method for Tabs.” and “We’re sorry, ‘_collapse’ is not an available method for ResponsiveAccordionTabs.”

Right, because we did not expose the original plugin instances (tabs / accordion) but the outher one and there was no such method for this in older releases to close things (up / down were only implemented for accordion, not for tabs).