My experience working with WordPress, SASS and foundation

Since the last few months I’ve been working on several WordPress projects requiring massive theme development.

To every WordPress theme developer out there, I’d like to share my experience working with the foundation framework and WordPress.

I’d like to say that foundation has really been the web development framework I always needed. I never tried any other frameworks after discovering foundation (didn’t felt the need to)

It has only been a few months since I really started working with SASS, and it’s now my primary way of compiling CSS.

I’ve been working with the sass version of the JointsWP WordPress theme.

If you’re a WordPress theme developer you should definitely try out JointsWP and learn SASS. SASS makes life a lot more easier.

Foundation comes with several amazing plugins. Reveal and toggler being my favorite ones, and of course, the motion-ui plugin packed with foundation. It makes animating elements super easy.

Foundation is my go-to framework for every WordPress development project due to its amazing support, highly well described documentation and outstanding plugins.

Foundation + WordPress + SASS = stunning responsive website.


Thanks! Great info for a beginner like me, can’t wait to learn more and try that for myself. Blogging seems a lot easier when you know a little development. I can make my own stuff now :grinning: