New website feedback

Thank you to everyone that is sending feedback about the new site. There are a few things that we are aware of and working on. Please feel free to let us know if you find any other issues here.

  • F5 docs are missing.
  • Building Blocks are not working
  • Custom Download is missing.

Thanks your help and patience.

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That’s great that Foundation :heart:come back :partying_face::partying_face:
yeah today i have issues with building block and when i scroll through documentation the left side bar disappear

I think we should make a donate button or patreon page so that people can support you

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Yes. Great idea. We are working on getting a non-profit setup so that we can do exactly that. Thanks for the support.

Building Blocks and v5 docs are fixed!

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Really excited about the new release and would love to see a video explaining new features and possibilities like you did with some of the previous releases.

The archived forum link on the new site is not working.

Thanks. I think that we need to just call a loss on the old forum. I will add it to my todo list to get that link removed.

Thanks for the feedback. I will see what I can do. It will probably be after the holidays though.

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Great, looking forward to that. BTW all of the links like download and such point to 404 page. Hope that will be fixed soon.

Hi there, only just joined the forums, but have been using Foundation for over a year now.

It seems to me that the old forum holds quite a bit of value. There are so many techniques and technical solutions to real-world problems that can’t be explained on the website.

I’ve often performed a Google search only to find the best results coming from old forum pages. It’s been quite disappointing over the last week to continually find those results no longer available.

Really hoping you can find the time to restore this information.


Nice i am looking forward but result no longer available?

Both links work for me. What exactly does not work for you?

404 error…
Showing on web page. is there any is there any solution…?

Please provide the link that gives you the 404 error and provide the steps that you took to get there.

by clicking on link.

Well, these links work on my side:

So please clarify which URL does not work on your side.

We’ve added the latest CSS download ZIP file to the marketing site. This fixes the broken link but the customizer is not available any longer.

You can get the latest download here:

it might be possible.
let i make try again. after refreshing my PC.

The link I followed from the top menu at -> Develop -> Foundation for Sites results in a 404 error. Since I have been using Foundation since V4, I have many Foundation pages bookmarked, so that may be causing me to go to an “old” page.