New website feedback

Well, these links work on my side:

So please clarify which URL does not work on your side.

We’ve added the latest CSS download ZIP file to the marketing site. This fixes the broken link but the customizer is not available any longer.

You can get the latest download here:

it might be possible.
let i make try again. after refreshing my PC.

The link I followed from the top menu at -> Develop -> Foundation for Sites results in a 404 error. Since I have been using Foundation since V4, I have many Foundation pages bookmarked, so that may be causing me to go to an “old” page.

This redirects me to which works here in Firefox.

Youn are already on the correct URL with /sites.

Can someone please fix the “Download Foundation” link on the “Getting Started” -> “Installation” page that currently results in a 404 error? I really need the compiled 6.6.1 css and js files to upgrade my project from 6.2. Thanks in advance.

In the meantime you can use, the releases on GitHub, the CDN files (jsdelivr) and also npm.

Go to any of the listed CDNs on our website (jsdelivr, unpkg) and download the minified files.

I owe you a big apology! I stumbled upon the discussion at and found out that there is a huge slowdown in development as Foundation is transitioned from Zurb to a community project. Since I knew nothing about that, I expected the level of support commensurate with an active product, and the lack of resources frustrated me as I tried to move to 6.6.1. Since I am basically a part-time one-site developer (financial advisor in a small firm), I’m aftraid I can’t offer much coding assistance, but perhaps my best contribution could be to quit complaining and just get my upgrade to work (which it is now, thanks to pointing me to a source for the CSS and JS files).

Thanks for the feedback. Currently there are holidays, people have a life outside of GitHub and many things to do at work. We are not a very big group of maintainers so any help is very welcome.

Please understand that an OSS project for that you do not pay can not provide dedicated (24/7) support.

Please let us know if you face any further issues and we may help you.

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Hi there! I understand there’s a lot of things going on with Foundation right now, but there’s an issue which is pretty hard to ignore:
The Download button on leads to which throws 404. All the navigation links on that 404 page are broken (e.g., logo links to /sites/index.html which is also 404).

UPD: the link is only broken in the top menu, but still pretty frustrating as it takes you to a place with no way out.

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In the emails section, the Inky switch doesn’t work:

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I have fixed the generation of the JST file. So Building Blocks work now.

If anyone wants to help with the website, you can find the repository at which is automatically deployed when changes land in the master branch.

I already did that:

I can not reproduce it (anymore). Please clear your browser cache and try it again.

Please clear your browser cache and try it again. I can not reproduce it then.

Just a quick note, that the link to FoundationPress on the resources page is now dead and Ole has archived the project. However I am attempting to keep FoundationPress updated in line with Foundation.

Unless anyone else is already doing this, I’ve put the new version on Github

And the demo site will be at

I really hope Ole decides to restart the official FoundationPress project, but in the meantime this may help some people


Thanks for updating.


I love your kitchen sink page! I’m going to steal it for my PHPFUI kitchen sink. I am not too strong on the design stuff, but I know a good one when I see it.

Hope you don’t mind!


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