Newbie question - Do I still need to download JQuery seperately?


I have just downloaded the zipped file for Foundation 6.6.1. I see in the example template there is only a link to:


Do I still need to download jQuery before this?
Do I still need to initialize Foundation at all?
Does this include all the javascript plugins?


the answer to all three questions is “yes”.

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Yes. you always need to download jQuery separately, need to initialize Foundation before all and need to include all the javascript plugins.

Thanks - according to DanielRuf, the plugins are already included in the app.js file?

In previous versions of Foundation (eg: 6.5) Foundation was initialized in the files that were zipped in the download version.

The older versions downloaded with:


Foundation was initialized in app.js and ALL files were linked in the example html in the footer.

So to start was easy - just copy the example html and then get coding.

With the new 6.6 version ONLY 1 x js file is supplied:


And the html example only links to this single file in the footer.

The code in here is too tricky for me to work out if -I cant tell if it already pulls in Jquery and/or if it already initializes Foundation aswell.

I would think they would make it as simple as previous versions - just plug in and code - or must we now start downloading and initializing ourselves separately. (I don’t want to duplicate and download Jquery twice for example)

?? Any ideas?

Can you point me to the file on GitHub that you mean?

Sorry Daniel - still a newbie and do not know my around Github - I basically just downloaded the starter template from the “DOWNLOAD” section of this page:

I am under the impression all the plugins are already included in the new 6.6 app.js file?

(This is basically my question - I need someone to confirm this)

Yes, this is the case here. The 700KB file contains everything and Foundation is also initialized in there with $(document).foundation() which initializes all plugins.

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Personally, I never have as I use Foundation inside all my WordPress projects which comes with jQuery 1.12.14. I’ve not encountered any issues running Foundation 6 on the default jQuery used by WordPress.

If you’re using a different CMS or no CMS at all, then yes, you’d want to download jQuery first.

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