Next Foundation emails release planning

After we’ve finally released Foundation Sites 6.6 we are going to prepare also a new release of Foundation Emails (early 2020).

So I will go through all open PRs and issues at and check which can be merged or closed.

If there is anything that you need in the next release, please let us know.


Support for consuming custom json data at runtime and rendering html.

This would be a security issue and this is not what Foundation Emails should be used for.

@DanielRuf we’re currently planning to use Foundation E-Mails at our company. Is there already an ETA for the next release? Thanks!


you can still use the current version. No, there is currently no ETA for the next release.

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Is there a possibility to make e-mail wider than 580px?

Thank you

Yes, I have answered in the GitHub issue. You can change it in the settings and with some custom CSS.