No reasonable way to obtain foundation 6 anymore?

I went to get a fresh download for a project and discovered no reasonable way to get foundation anymore. I don’t use package managers nor sass. I found a css download but the css and javascript was so badly broken I couldn’t use it. And they called them app.css and app.js, wait, these names were always reserved for us now they want them? The radius is set to 0 on everything and there is a lot missing.

So where do we find the customizable CSS builds now?

That’s interesting. And that should not happen. Which URl did you use for the download? It should work.

I think you mean the zurb template and example from


This should not be the case. Can you open an issue on GitHub and link this topic here? We would like to check and resolve this.

There is now

If something does not work please let me know. It is currently running on one of my servers, the uptime is monotiroed and I use some tools to restart the application if it should crash.

Fantastic, thanks for the link. That worked great! This version appears to be working perfectly.

In answer to your question, the URL where the bad one came from is from the main install/download page

I take it back, this version is NOT so perfect after all. Unlike the previous version where you had to use the radius class to give a button or callout or anything else a radius, now it just puts a radius on everything with no means to turn it off! YUCK. So I am back to version 6.5.1 for now. I suspect I am missing something because if everyone had this problem, you would have heard a lot of screaming by now.

So what could I be doing wrong. Now everything has the radius without me specifying it. So naturally I searched for a noradius or no-radius class but no such luck.


Right. Can you create a small codepen or repo as reproducible test case so we can check this?

The default radius can be set in the scss files and the css has to be recompiled then.

Unfortunately, we don’t have scss. This is css only.

Can you provide a codepen which shows / reproduces the issue?

I can not reproduce this and the css file from the download contains only border-radius: 0 in a few places.

Please check the element in the devtools of your browser.

Did you click “Download everything” or “Download custom”? The second uses the values from the form. And it has 3px global radius by default.

It is very simple to duplicate. Go to the URL you gave me, set a big radius like 8 to be sure you can see the problem then use the example index.html that comes with it and notice everything has a radius. Attempt to create a button without a radius and there seems to be no way. Either everything has a radius or nothing has a radius.

I looked further into this. It seems it has been this way on all versions of foundation 6. I have been working with foundation 5 for so many years and I am just now starting to see the negatives of foundation 6, or possibly just my lack of knowledge. Is there a way to specify radius or not on a button? A callout? A text input? Can I have two buittons next to each other with one having a radius and the other not having a radius?

Back in foundation 5 we use to use class=“button radius” for a button with a radius or class=“button” for one without a radius. Now radius means nothing. Use it or don’t and get the same result.

You are not understanding my question. Yes, I get what I ask for on the download. That is not the issue.

The issue is that I am coming from foundation 5 to foundation 6 and things are working differently and I am asking what is the way to specify that one item or button has a radius and another does not. Currently with foundation 6, there seems to be no way to specify which items have radius and which do not. If you get a download with a radius of 3 , all buttons, callouts, and more have a radius of 3. I am asking if there is a way to be specific as to which items have the radius and which do not. Just like with foundation 5 where we had a class of radius that we could use to turn it on or not.

Relax =) You do not need the custom download. Please use the complete download.

5 and 6 are two different major versions.

Regarding round buttons, the classes moved to the prototyping utilities:

Ok, so I checked out that link and I think I understand that there are only 2 options, radius and rounded unlike foundation 5 which had radius, rounded, and none. None meaning that you don’t specify radius nor rounded and get square. So it was the NO option that I was asking about, turning off the radius and also not using the rounded just getting a square effect. I know I can do this by downloading with a radius of 0 but, I still wanted the radius effect in some places.

Just leave it out? Because then you get the normal button without any radius.

Which is possible by adding the needed classes?

I don’t know if you are using normal and new Foundation Sites 6 markup or old markup.

I will create a small codepen to show how it currently looks like.

Yes, leave it out is the behavior that I am missing. Leaving it out still results in radius. No difference between putting in radius or leaving it out. Same exact result and that is radiused corners with the radius that I specified when downloading the package originally.

I clicked “Download everything” at and added the foundation.min.css at

Still no radius. So I can not reproduce. There might be something wrong with your markup or your other styles, not Foundation itself.

Ok so here is an easier way to reproduce. Go to the download link you gave me, specify a bigger radius so it is easy to see if you have radius or not, I used 6px.

Install it along with the index.html that comes with it and load it in your browser and you will see the problem. I don’t need to use any of my code to reproduce it. It is evident in your own index.html that comes with the download.

Note all the buttons have radius, view the source and see that radius was NOT specified.

So you used the custom version.

If you mean this:

This is expected. The global radius is a different setting than you want to use. For this we have the scss version if you want to customize every single bit.

We did not add all options to the customizer.