No reasonable way to obtain foundation 6 anymore?

Search for $global-radius.

In a normal (scss) project you set / overwrite the $button-radius setting:


I will get more exact in steps to reproduce

  1. Go to

  2. Scroll down to Global Radius and type in 6

  3. Scroll down and click download. save to your desktop

  4. extract the entire zip

  5. open the index.html that came with it.

  6. scroll down until you see the button examples and see the radius on all buttons.

  7. view source and notice that the code does NOT have the radius class on the buttons yet the buttons have a radius anyway.

8 Note all the input fields and all boxes have the radius, view source and not that nothing use the radius class. There is no .radius class

This is expected and not a bug =) Please check the scss settings file that I have linked.

I don’t have scss as an option, css only.

Sorry, we only provide this flexibility in the scss version.

Thanks for this link. I have been trying to download the customizable CSS builds now for some time but with no success. There are no links in the webpage that redirects you to this link that you posted. Maybe an update to the webiste

Thank you

I too tried the same, it didnt work for me. Anybody help.

What exactly did not work? For me the new download works.