Orbit is not working and motion ui too

I m new here .just want to know why orbit and motion UI is not working.i m using cdn and also tried cdnjs site to innitialized it but not working no animation on motion ui js/css and also orbit is just showng 4 dots but no images and no slider .why.

Please ensure that you also load jQuery and initialize Foundation Sites with $(document).foundation(); as described in our docs.

Make also sure that there are no errors in your browser console and provide a codepen as reproducible testcase so we can check this in detail and provide a solution.

but i have already loaded jquery and its trowing error jquery cant be loaded cdn.by the way other suffs like cards,button using foundations are working fine but motion UI and orbit is not…some folks are saying orbit has been depreceted.

Because cards and buttons do not require any JavaScript.
Orbit was deprecated in an older version but it is not deprecated anymore.

Please check the URLs.
You can also use https://unpkg.com/jquery@3.5.1/dist/jquery.min.js. Best option is to download the file and host it yourself because CDNs can be blocked by corporate proxies, can have outages or just go offline in the future.

thankx it worked…i was getting jquery from jsdeliver which was giving me 404 .i have added it using cdnjs it worked but again MOTION UI is not working for div transitions like spin bounce using classes.

Please download motion-ui and include the CSS file:


And there is also an optional js file:

motion-ui is not included in Foundation Sites.

Would you mind to share all links we suppose to use? Mine does not working as well and there are bench of errors occurs in console.
Thank you

Can you share a screenshot of the errors that you see?

You need jQuery (JS), Foundation Sites (CSS and JS) and Motion UI (CSS).