Orbit Not Working

I’ve noticed that since version 6.6.1 Orbit hasn’t been working properly. Ever since 6.6.3 the function seems completely broken since the images don’t even load. I can’t seem to find a solution anywhere, will this be addressed in a future update?

Please provide a codepen which reproduces this.

It literally copied and pasted the code from the foundation website, I don’t understand why only the bullet points show up.

Because the mimetypes of the loaded files are not correct. Take a look at the browser console:

You probably forgot to include motion-ui for the transitions:



Everything was copied from the foundation website including the CSS files. Even when I include motion UI onto another CSS file nothing changes.

Please see my codepen and check your browser console in your example. It works with my example.

The files can be downloaded from either the CDNs, the GitHub page, unpkg (also CDN) or from the download link.

I saw your codepen. What did you do differently? Everything looks the same.

I have added the correct files from the CDN (jquery + foundation-sites - you might want to download them) + the motion-ui.css file.

You can see the included files in the setting per tab (css, js).