Orbit problem in foundation 6.6.1

Hi, I’m trying to create a nice background with orbit with this fundation tutorial, but something went wrong because the option data-infinite-wrap seems not to work properly on foundation 6.6.1 but in foundation 6.4.3 it works perfectly, so where i’m wrong?
The codepen

I tried and tried again because I thought it was my mistake, but it doesn’t fully work also on foundation orbit official codepen with foundation.min.js version 6.6.1


A while back Zurb decided to abandon the Orbit plug in. At that point they suggested https://kenwheeler.github.io/slick/, which I migrated to with no issues. At some point they brought back Orbit, but I never went back to it.

I know there is a desire to move to more third party support going forward. I would nominate replacing Orbit with https://kenwheeler.github.io/slick/. Maybe some of moderators could weigh in with some background on using other packages.

Anyway, I would recommend Slick Slider if you run into Orbit issues.

Personally I would never recommend slick as this is totally unmaintined and the last maintainer released some broken builds.

I often recommended Swiper and other modern and still actively maintained solutions.

Ah I see: https://github.com/foundation/foundation-sites/commit/f83ad17be120b36db7df0208e82a2fdf140ef558

Forget slick. We had just issues with it. The deprecation notice was removed after some time.

We will probably recommend Swiper in the future.

Thanks for the tip on Swiper. I’ll look into it.