Panini/Handlebars - Creating Forms

I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction to learn how to create a contact form in a Panini/Handlebars Foundation project.


Hi, I’m quite out of practice with forms and am new to Foundation but I see there is a detailed form in the Foundation html template which comes with the Foundation initial download. Am trying to find out what scripting is required to parse it. Can anyone tell me please? Used Perl CGI ages ago, but apparently this is no longer the best way.

Handkebars and Panini use normal HTML, nothing special here. A simple <form> should work.

Hi DanielRuf,
Owe you an apology along with many thanks. I’ve only just picked this reply up about forms and look forward to following it through. Thanks to your help, my problems are gradually melting.
Best wishes