Panini - specify a data.yml file in a variable?

I’m trying to do something with Panini that I feel should be possible, but I just can’t work out how to get it working.

So, in Panini (handlebars) we can specify variables in the Front Matter or in xxxx.yml files.
We can then use that data in the layout/page/partial using {{variable}} or {{xxx.variable}} respectively.
So far so good.

But what I want to do is set a variable in the Front Matter that points to a particular xxx.yml file.

Something like:

datasource: yyy.yml

Then the layout could have something like {{datasource.variable1}} {{datasource.variable2}} and each page would point to a different xxx.yml/yyy.yml/etc…

But whatever I try, I can’t get ‘datasource’ to actually point to the ‘yyy.yml’ file and allow me to access its variables.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Are you still wanting suggestions?

Yes, i do
is it possible or not?