Pass panini variables

Product Category —> product Detail Panini pass variable.
I have a category page with 5 categories. Click on a Category to go to a page of “cards” for descriptions and photos of products within that category.

Is there a way to pass my cat to the panini in the detail page.

{{#each prodItem}}
{{#ifequal cat 'pipes'}}     <— want to pass “pipes. “Grinders” or “Misc” to cat
<div class="cell">
<div class="card">	
		<div class="card-divider">
		{{cat}} - {{label}}
		</div><!-- divider -->
		<div class="card-section">
	<img src="{{root}}assets/img/{{cat}}/{{photo}}" >

		   <p> {{{desc}}}</p>
		</div><!-- card-section -->
	</div><!-- card -->

Probably through some data file and passing through the variables using handlebars.

You can pass data from yaml data files such as global.yml that is present in the Panini folder Data. For example you could put

test: This is a test.

in global.yml and reference it any html file using {{global.test}}. You could also have arrays of data such as

    a: first a
    b: first b
    a: second a
    b: second b
    a: third a
    b: third b

Then you can do a {{#each global.array}} loop wthin your html file and reference {{a}} and {{b}} within the loop.

I’m not sure if this is any help in what you want to do, but I have used yaml data files extensively within panini.

Thanks fir the info. However, what I need to do is pass the reference like so:
http://localhost:8000/products.html?{{cat.pipes}} or http://localhost:8000/products.html?{{cat.clamps}} or
much as you would using javaScript.
Is this possible?

Not out of the box. And passing data through the url introduces other issues.