problems with orbit (Carrousel)

I have seen on more than one occasion that the Orbit works correctly if the user does not intervene or simply click on the side arrows (previous and next)
But … if the user clicks a button on the orbit-bullets, the automatic slide advance sequence breaks, and the next images disappear. (the orbit is left blank)
The only option to see again correct is to reload the page.
I have seen the problem in different versions of Foundation 6.5 and 6.6

Please provide the exact Foundation version that you use.

I think we fixed it in the last releases and please ensure that motionui is also loaded.


  • Foundation for Sites by ZURB
  • Version 6.4.2
  • Licensed under MIT Open Source

This is a very old version. We fixed several orbit bugs in the latest versions. Please upgrade to Foundation Sites 6.6.3.

I think this is the old version