Product image gallery not working

I installed Product Image Gallery | Foundation 6 through Zurb Stack, but the images are not changing. The thumbnails are visible, the main image too, but when clicking on a thumbnail, nothing happens.

I am not sure where the problem could be. Thanks for your help.

Just tried the Product Image Gallery - it works as expected.
Make a new page - products.html and copy/paste the HTML from Foundation.
Then you need to add the SCSS to your _settings.scss file - don’t forget the underscore in front of the _settings.scss file.
Copy the js lines into the js/app.js file
Finally, put some images into the products.html - I just used the same file for both the Thumbnail and the big picture.
Let us know if you continue to have issues - also give us some more detail of your setup.

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It worked for me, thank you.