Responsive tabs to accordion

I’m trying to setup responsive tabs that turn into accordion. I setup a page just like the example here.
My page does the same thing the example does.
It switches from tabs to accordion then at lower widths it switches back to tabs. This isn’t the correct behavior. I want it to stay accordion once it switches. Anybody know of a quick fix? Is it a bug?
Here’s the page I’m working on.

This is because of the following classes in your markup: tabs medium-accordion large-tabs.

Which means
small: tabs
medium: accordion
large: tabs

I changed it to tabs medium-accordion. That makes it start out at accordion and then switch to tabs. I tried switching them around and it doesn’t work at all. How can I get it to go tabs then accordion? Thanks for the fast reply.

I got it. Thanks for your help
Switched it to
data-responsive-accordion-tabs=“accordion large-tabs”