Ruby on Rails - Foundation - Tabs not working?


I have spent over a week trying to get Foundation working in my Ruby on Rails project. I have tried every piece of sample code that I can find and nothing works:


Ruby 2.6.3
Rails 5.2.4
JavaScript 1.7
jQuery 1.12.4
jQuery-ui 1.12.1
Foundation Rails

<ul class="tabs" data-tab>
  <li class="tab-title active"><a href="#panel1">Tab 1</a></li>
<div class="tabs-content">
  <div class="content active" id="panel1"><p>this is panel 1</p></div>

First of all, I don’t even get tabs, I get bullets. This can happen I suppose if you’re not hooked up to the right stylesheet or whatever. Even so, when that happens, you should still be able to click on the links and have the panel contents change. Instead, all of the contents are listed out. I notice that nothing fires (no events) and I have no errors in my console.


This can be because motion-ui and foundation.css are required to trigger the transitions and events. Without a transition no transitionend event is triggered and no JS events are triggered then.


thanks my issue has been fixed.