Running npm update sometimes crashes my computer

Hi, I’m using the Foundation CLI / Zurb template build tools, every so often when I run npm update it ends up freezing my computer and eventually causes a complete system crash.

I know that this is not specifically a Foundation CLI issue but rather an npm related issue, however, I’ve been unable to find anything online with circumstances like I’ve been experiencing.

I’m running MacOS 10.15.3 but also previously have experienced this on 10.14 as well so it’s not specially any kind of MacOS Catalina issue. npm is version 6.9.0 and node is v10.16.3.

The only inkling I’ve ever had of issues is when I’ve had it in verbose mode then it seems to be on when doing something with the fsevents node module which is a little suspicious given that it seems to relate to file system events in some way.

If anybody has any insight about this then please let me know, it’s seems crazy that something is actually capable of taking out my machine in this way!

Hi, please check if your antivirus is enabled and also other indexing tools like the internal search of the operating system (spotlight on macOS and Windows Search on Windows).

This is a npm problem and should be filed at

This is a pretty old version. The latest is 6.14.4 at this moment.

This is a native module used by many npm packages and is only for OSX. It is recompiled in most cases using Xcode.

PS: take a look at top and other things when npm does its tasks.

@DanielRuf Thanks Daniel, I don’t have any anti-virus running, it’s hard to say if Spotlight was indexing anything at the time.

Yep, I will update my npm version and see if that helps. Part of the problem is it’s not consistent, it doesn’t happen every time I run npm install or npm update. It’s one of those things that may not happen that often and then sometimes it can occur several times a day (on days when I’m actually running those commands which isn’t every day).

It’s just seems weird to get a full system crash like that in this day and age! You don’t expect it on a modern OS.

I’ll file an npm issue and see if I can get somewhere.

Thanks again!