Sass !global variable declaration deprecation warning

Trying to upgrade an existing ecosystem and after a LibSass 3.6.4 update I started receiving deprecation warnings, an example follows:

DEPRECATION WARNING on line 120 of foundation-sites/scss/util/_color.scss:
!global assignments won’t be able to declare new variables in future versions.
Consider adding $secondary-color: null at the top level.

so I started some investigation and came across this snippet

:warning: Heads up!

Compatibility: Dart Sass since 2.0.0 LibSass✗Ruby Sass✗

Older Sass versions allowed !global to be used for a variable that doesn’t exist yet. This behavior was deprecated to make sure each stylesheet declares the same variables no matter how it’s executed.

The !global flag may only be used to set a variable that has already been declared at the top level of a file. It may not be used to declare a new variable.

I was looking through the foundation-sites github repo but did not see anything that addresses these warnings. it on the radar?


We are not aware of this so far. Please open a new issue at GitHub (